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Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

A go in a spitfire? It's not going to happen, but you can definitely build your own!!

* The classic plastic kit made famous by James May
* Includes paint, brushes, and glue
* Despatched in a jiffy, in a jiffy bag
* Price includes post and packing and VAT

How many?
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The Spitfire 10K challenge

The Spitfire 10K challenge

Flight in a Spitfire

Despite there being a huge demand for having a flight in a Spitfire, Flights4all finds itself again and again having to disappoint customers enthusiastic to fly in this great warbird. Although we have some great alternatives, such as the Harvard Texan and a range of other warbird flights, we won't be able to satisfy all of our customers until we are able to offer Spitfire flights.

But where can I fly in a Spitfire?

Unfortunately, nowhere legally in the UK. Find out more.

Fly a Spitfire

So how can I help make Spitfire flights happen?

There are a number of UK entrepreneurs who are keen to make Spitfire flights available to the public, and likewise there is perceived to be a significant demand for those flights.

To make this a reality, it is essential that the demand for Spitfire flights is quantifiable: this means obtaining information about the number of interested people, amount they would be prepared to pay, distance they would travel, etc.

Two things are clear - it will take a lot of money and a significant amount of time to make this dream a reality. Consider the mountainous challenge:

  • Obtain one or more suitable two-seater Spitfires and make them airworthy for passenger flight
  • Locate a suitable airfield and hangarage
  • Employ a skilled maintenance team
  • Meet the relevant legal requirements for flying a Spitfire and then to carry passengers
  • Insure the aircraft and its passengers

Please remember that although your interest and contribution are vital, there can never be any guarantee that Spitfire flights for the aviation enthusiast will become a reality. But we can be sure that a lack of demonstrable enthusiasm will make it that much harder to achieve!

What do I do to help?

On 01 September 2005, Flights4all created the Spitfire 10K Challenge in order to establish a list of ten thousand UK customers who wish to fly in a Spitfire, together with their expectations. This resource will greatly assist aviation entrepreneurs to make a solid business case for providing public access to Spitfire flights.

Register your interest now and don't forget to tell your friends because they want to fly in a Spitfire too!

"Good Luck with the Challenge and thank you for the opportunity to register my interest...fingers crossed!"
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