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Wedding Day Helicopter Charter

Chartering a helicopter to usher the bride and groom into their married life turns a special day into something magical.

Helicopter charter for weddings

Arrival of the bride (or groom) at the church by helicopter makes a spectacular start to the festivities. After the service the happy couple can be transported in style to the reception.

Planning your charter

To ensure trouble-free use of a helicopter for your wedding, the principal considerations are:

  • you will need to have obtained permission from the church and all landowners to land a helicopter on their property
  • to be able to land at a hotel or other location, please check that your venue will allow a late night/early morning arrival, as usually there is a cut-off time so that other guests are not disturbed by aircraft noise
  • your helicopter operator will need to know whether the landing site is suitable for a single-engine helicopter (for open countryside) or a twin-engine helicopter (for a small landing site or congested area). If a twin-engine helicopter is required it will be more expensive than a single-engine helicopter
  • Generally flights will only be available during daylight hours

Indicative pricing

To serve as a guide to pricing, we quote the minimum hire of the least expensive helicopter from an airfield to a local destination.

  • Single-way trip, such as hotel to church, from £475 + VAT
  • Two-legged journey, such as hotel to church and return, from £875 + VAT

Once you have identified suitable landing sites with the relevant permissions, please feel free to make your own wedding day enquiry.

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