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Pleasure flights and trial flying lessons across the UK
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Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

Get an insight into flying helicopters for a living

This is so much more than a 'simple' flying lesson!!


Learn about a career flying helicopters Many of our customers buy trial flying lessons - either as a gift for a loved one or for themselves - as a massive treat and a one-off thrill. Quite a few of them are also thinking of taking their flying further, as a brilliant hobby or a rewarding and varied career. This experience is ideal for what we call a 'total aviation person'.

  • When you call the operator to arrange the date of your experience you'll be sent confirmation and a really informative book which gives all sorts of information about what happens on a trial flying lesson and the basics of aerodynamics and how the controls work
  • On the day itself you'll call to make sure that the weather is OK, if it is not you'll simply be postponed
  • When you get to the flying school you'll be given refreshments and meet your intructors for the day - and any other course members.
  • Then there's a safety briefing and proper introduction to the controls and instruments.
  • ...and now it's off to the helicopter and YOUR chance to do some flying!!
  • After the landing, it's back for a de-brief and 'tea and medals' and LUNCH.
  • Aviators love talking to fellow aviators about helicopters and you'll now have a guided tour of the hangar/s at the airfield - chance to ask all sorts of questions about the various types and performance and engineering and...(so it goes, and so it goes).
  • Back to the classroom/club house and a presentation all about the career options and pathways for those people who are lucky and skilfull enough to go on and make a living out of flying helicopters.
  • Most locations will also supply you with a certificate, and the time spent flying definitely counts towards your total so you should get yourself a logbook so your instructor can make the first entry. A document which you will treasure for life.

Can be used at:
* Wycombe
* Gloucester
* Barton
* Thruxton
* Cumbernauld
* Welshpool
* Newcastle
* Wellesbourne Mountford
* Wolverhampton

(One of these locations
will be printed on your
voucher, but you can
choose to use it from any.)

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