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Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) Microlight Syllabus

Here is a summary of the syllabus that can lead to the PPL(A) Microlight qualification.


Microlight Bundle (PPL Exam Tutor + Groundschool Examiner)

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The unique and easy way to pass your PPL! Using carefully designed interactive tests, Animation, Sound and Music, Video, Simulation, Full Colour Graphics and Easy to understand explanations, this software makes complex procedures and data easier to absorb and learn. The PPL Exam Tutor covers every major element of the Ground School Course for the PPL, including carefully explaining the Syllabus and what you must learn.


  • Aircraft familiarisation; preparation for flight and action after; air experience; effects of controls; taxying; straight & level; climbing; descending; medium Level-turns (up to 30deg bank angle); climbing and descending turns (2 hrs)
  • Slow flight; stalling; spin awareness (1 hr)
  • Takeoff and climb to down wind; the circuit, approach, and landing/overshoot (3 hr)
  • Advanced turning (up to 60deg bank angle); unusual and dangerous attitudes/conditions (1 hr)
  • Forced landings, with/without power; operation at minimum level (1 hr)
  • First solo; solo circuit, local area, and general flying consolidation to GFT for microlight PPL
    - local flying not further than 8nm from take-off site
    - hours as required to complete minimum of 15 hrs
    total flying experience (excluding GFT) and including minimum of 7 hrs solo; dual revision for GFT (7 hr)


  • Pilot navigation (5 hr)
    - Navigation training (at least 3 hrs of which MUST be solo). To include two 40nm total distance each, solo cross-country flights, during each of which, the student landed at least at one other site.
    - One site must be at least 15nm away from the take-off site at which the flight began.
    - The two solo cross-country flights must be flown over different routes and to different sites

Note: before full licence can be issued, or removal of limitations from ‘restricted’ licence, 25 hrs total flying experience must be gained (Excluding GFT).

For details see the full NPPL(A) Microlight Syllabus.


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