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Flying lessons and pleasure flights in Midlands UK


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Here are the results of your search, ordered by cost, with the cheapest first. You searched Flights4all by region, looking for experiences in the Midlands and found 192 offers which might be suitable. From here you can select an appropriate event and purchase it immediately online.

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Helicopter Flight Discovery Day, R44 at Gamston, Nottinghamshire


Experience from Flights4all

A real oportuntity to learn more about helicopters. Includes pre- and post-flight briefings; 2 hours of flying during which you will look at the early exercises required for the PPL(H). Friends and family welcome.

£ 1,504.99



PARAGLIDING TASTER DAY for 10 people at Darley Moor, Derbyshire


Experience from Flights4all

For groups this is one of the most fulfilling flying experiences available. A full day of training where everyone gets to fly solo. Superb facilities make us one of the top providers of corporate flying events in the UK

£ 1,655.00



Helicopter Training 5 hour Package at Loughborough, Leicestershire


Experience from Flights4all

This package is ideal for anyone who is thinking of learning to fly. You will have 5 hours of lessons, all of which will be logged in your complementary logbook and can be taken at your leisure.

£ 1,760.00

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