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Here are the results of your search, ordered by cost, with the cheapest first. You searched Flights4all by region, looking for experiences in Scotland and found 88 offers which might be suitable. From here you can select an appropriate event and purchase it immediately online.

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3 hours trial lesson with Landaway (4str aircraft) at Perth Scone, Perthshire


Experience from Flights4all

Your experience will include a Landaway at a local airfield for tea/coffee.
During pre-flight briefing you will be able to discuss your preferred route with your instructor. Voucher valid for up to 3 people not exceeding 35 stone.

£ 525.00



1 to 1 Trial Flying Lesson (plus Observers) at Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire


Experience from Flights4all

An approximately 90 minute experience including a Hover Challenge! Includes: ca.30 minute briefing; 60 minute hands on flight and insurance. Up to 2 additional people permitted to share the flight. Can be used at a number of UK locations

£ 579.00



Double Landaway flight experience - 4 seater at Glasgow, Lanarkshire


Experience from Flights4all

New Flights4all experience Over 2 hours flight time and landings at 2 local airfields where you will discuss your ongoing progress with your instructor. Plenty of chance to take the controls of the aircraft and enjoy the scenery as well.One person may accompany you.

£ 599.00



SPECIAL OFFER! R44 Trial Flight- 60 Minutes at Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire


Experience from Flights4all

Take a Trial Flight with an experienced instructor and amaze two of your friends with your flying prowess! You are shown how the controls work and then fly the helicopter yourself. Fantastic! Bring your cameras and videos to capture it all!

£ 630.00



60 minute Helicopter Trial Lesson - Robinson R44 at Culter Helipad, Aberdeenshire


Experience from Flights4all

After a 'pre-flight' brief on flight controls, you will take to the air for a thrilling flight. Feel the exhilaration of effortless manoeuvrability with speeds up to 100mph whilst learning the basics of how to control a helicopter.

£ 780.00



5 Hour PPL (Helicopter) Starter Pack at Culter Helipad, Aberdeenshire


Experience from Flights4all

5 hours dual helicopter flying training. Rates of progress will vary, but we would expect you to have covered all the early flight exercises in the syllabus. On completion, you will have logged 5 hours towards your Private Pilot Licence.

£ 1,880.00



SPECIAL OFFER! R22 5 Hours Starter Pilot Training at Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire


Experience from Flights4all

Learn to be a Helicopter Pilot.
Complete 5 hours flying tuition and 5 hours ground school, and get the knowledge to begin the PPL(H) course.
Great Fun and Highly Addictive!
Learn to Hover and control the Helicopter in flight.

£ 2,005.00

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