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Flights in a Spitfire - make it happen!

Premier Tiger Moth Flights

OPEN COCKPIT FLYING A flying lesson in a de Havilland Tiger Moth takes you back to the golden age of British bi-plane flying. In your leather flying jacket and Biggles white silk scarf, survey the magnificent countryside from the open cockpit!

Open Cockpit vintage biplane gift pack with Tiger Moth Notes and RAF DVD for just £199 Premier Tiger Moth flights

40 to 60 minutes in the air

The de Havilland Tiger Moth dates back to the golden age of flying - the 1930s - when the RAF used the Tiger Moth as a training aeroplane for almost all their pilots including those who flew Hurricanes and Spitfires. You'll experience open cockpit flying and relive the golden era of aviation when flying was all about adventure, freedom and fun.

With 40, 50 or even 60 minutes in the air you'll have time for an in-depth flying lesson as well as the opportunity to do some great sight-seeing from the air. Depending on location you can also choose free museum entry, loan of authentic equipment such as goggles and Irvin flying jacket or even video-taping options.

To see further details of your preferred venue simply click on one of the locations highlighted below:

40-45 minutes in the air

Duxford, (Cambridgeshire) £301.44
Eaglescott, (Devon) £378.50
Compton Abbas, (Dorset) £417.50
Damyns Hall, (Essex) £280.00
Gloucester, (Gloucestershire) £235.00
Sywell, (Northamptonshire) £275.00
Redhill, (Surrey) £290.00
Redhill, (Surrey) £324.50
Redhill, (Surrey) £311.03
Shoreham, (Sussex) £267.50

60 minutes in the air

Peterborough, Sibson, (Cambridgeshire) £350.00
Compton Abbas, (Dorset) £536.25
Damyns Hall, (Essex) £469.00
Gloucester, (Gloucestershire) £282.75
Gloucester, (Gloucestershire) £434.00
Bristol, (Somerset) £540.00
Redhill, (Surrey) £428.00
Shoreham, (Sussex) £330.00

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